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Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone Systems

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  • Unlimited Outbound and Inbound Worldwide

    Across all our plans, inbound calling is always free and unlimited. Uniquely, our Malaysia hosted PBX packages permit unlimited calling around the world.

    • * For $19/month, place and forward unlimited calls across the US and Canada
    • * For $29/month, receive 70 free calling countries, with landline and mobile destinations included

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  • Easy-to-Use Virtual Phone System

    Every MyPBX phone plan comes with PBXww, the most intuitive virtual phone system on the market. It uses drag-and-drop technology and opens in a lightweight web application. No prior knowledge of VoIP needed

  • Included Local, National and Toll-Free Numbers

    Under our unlimited calling plans, each user gets a single virtual number. If you purchase more than one user, then you will collect a bunch of lines for direct calling or targeted local marketing.

    If you would rather just buy numbers, MyPBX has an aggressive pay-as-you-go platform. It advertises competitive dial-out and monthly rates.

  • Advanced Call Forwarding to VoIP, Landline and Mobile

    Through PBXww, you can forward calls to a variety of devices. Most commonly, users send calls to VoIP phones, mobile phones and landlines. All users can forward to a few destinations for ultimate flexibility and availability.

  • New User Money-Back Guarantee

    All Malaysia hosted PBX plans are eligible for a four business day trial. During this time, we guarantee your money back if you are not entirely satisfied with the service.

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Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Unbelievably Unlimited

Call Plans with Unlimited Global Calling for $29/month.

You get more than 70 free calling destinations through our Global PBX package. Many of these countries include forwarding, plus free inbound around the world. We also have an unlimited Canada/USA package for $19/month!

Unlimited packages come with one user per subscription. With this user, you can forward to devices like VoIP, landline and mobile. In fact, we have a free smartphone app for Android and iPhone!

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Completely Flexible

Phone Systems Free from Contracts and Hidden Fees.

From unlimited global calling to pay-as-you-go, we offer a solution. We bill monthly, so come or go as you please. Add users, extensions and numbers on demand, too. Our systems grow and go with users and businesses all over the world.

Our automatic renewal feature makes subscriptions hassle-free. Link your credit card or PayPal account and we'll take care of the rest. No setup or connection fees on our unlimited packages either.

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Why Purchase a Malaysia Hosted PBX Solution?

Stay in Touch

Friends and family too far to call on regular phone plans? Well, cut long-distance charges by buying numbers close to those with whom you wish to keep contact. Use forwarding to landline and mobile to make sure you're always around to chat. Stay connected when travelling, too!

Attract More Customers

Grab local numbers in cities around the world to build a local presence. Or appear more professional with national and toll-free numbers. Better still, pour more resources in acquiring leads rather than paying phone bills.

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Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone Systems

In What Cities Can You Buy Malaysia Hosted PBX?

City Prefix Learn More
Kuala Lumpur 60-3 Kuala Lumpur Hosted PBX

How Does Hosted PBX Work?

You can use our virtual phone systems with any VoIP phone. This includes VoIP apps for smartphones like our own free iPhone and Android platform.

All you need to connect is a reliable internet connection. That said, you are free to forward calls all over the world to landline and mobile destinations.

To configure your phone system, you will require a browser—preferably on a desktop or laptop. It pops open on our website, where you drag and drop icons on the screen to map your call flow. We have tons of literature on how to use the system for those unfamiliar with virtual phone environments.

How Many Users Can I Buy?

Each unlimited plan comes with one user; however, we encourage you to buy as many users as you need. Each comes with flexible forwarding and his or her own virtual number. These additional numbers work great as direct lines within a larger virtual phone system.

To get started, order a single extension. Once submitted and approved, add however many more you’d like from within your account. There are no limits on users during our risk-free trial either.

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