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Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Flexible Call Plans and a User-Friendly System. Ultimately, an Unbeatable PBX Experience.

Prepare to save money switching to Malaysia hosted PBX. On average, our customers reduce their monthly telephony bills by 40% to 60%! They also gain new features and expand their reachability.

  • Advanced call forwarding, with free inbound to SIP devices and softphones
  • Unlimited calling packages to over 60 countries
  • Aggressive per-minute rates on pay-as-you-go plans
  • Dozens of free features like voice menus, call queues and conferencing
  • Wide selection of local, national and toll-free numbers around the world

Money-Back Guarantee

All Malaysia hosted phone system plans are eligible for a four business day trial. During this time, we guarantee your money back if you are not entirely satisfied with the service.

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A Better Hosted Phone Solution Awaits in the Cloud. Take a Minute to See How.

Our drag-and-drop phone system comes free with every plan. It's the most intuitive PBX in Malaysia. No prior knowledge or experience needed.

Would you rather read about the PBX? Grab a copy of our 2015 brochure. It walks through all aspects of our service in Malaysia, including pricing, features and coverage.
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Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone Systems

How to Use Our Malaysia PBX Solution

Our service plans are either number or user-based. On a pay-as-you-go plan, customers pay one low monthly cost for a virtual number, plus any outbound minutes used. On an unlimited plan, customers buy users. Each user comes with a free virtual number and unlimited minutes for outbound and inbound calling.

Both packages work with VoIP phones, softphones (desktop or smartphone apps), mobiles and landlines. In fact, we have an app for Android and iPhone free to download. We help our customers setup by providing tons of online resources. For example, we moderate a forum and maintain a knowledgebase, brimming with articles and tutorials.

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What Our Malaysia Hosted Phone System Can Do

The feedback we receive is always positive when it comes to our user interface. As shown in the video, the whole system is drag-and-drop, with icons and labels to help you visualize your call flow. The features available include time routing, call recording, voice menus, call queues, voicemail-to-email and more.

Using our phone system, you can bolster your personal and professional communications. Staying in touch with friends afar or speaking with clients abroad—Malaysia hosted PBX makes this not only possible, but also affordable. Browse our city list below to find a local number in Malaysia to use with our system.

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Malaysia Hosted PBX Solutions

In What Cities Can You Buy Malaysia Hosted PBX?

City Prefix Learn More
Kuala Lumpur 60-3 Kuala Lumpur Hosted PBX

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