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Why Migrate to Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone System?

 Unbeatable Coverage

  • Find reliable coverage in over 70 countries
  • Get more by making your Malaysia Hosted PBX unlimited
  • Place outbound and take inbound calls at competitive rates

 Affordable PBX

  • Reduce your monthly telephony fees
  • Enjoy no contracts or hidden fees
  • Add to or take away from your Malaysia hosted PBX phone system effortlessly

 Go Local or Global

  • Consolidate business locations and phone extensions
  • Incorporate a greater range of devices
  • Access our complementary MyPBX platform free of charge

 Bring It Along

  • Take your Malaysia hosted PBX phone systems anywhere
  • Eliminate physical installations and maintenance fees
  • Establish a local or national presence anywhere in the world
Malaysia Hosted PBX Solutions

Unlimited Malaysia Hosted PBX Plans

MyPBX Unlimited call packages feature an array of free calling destinations, with discount rates to non-included countries worldwide. Similarly, save on forwarding and toll-free calling with our Malaysia hosted PBX plans.

Each unlimited package features one user. He or she receives four contact methods—mobile, landline, VoIP and Google Talk—and a local virtual number. The user may arrange his or her call objects into many extensions; however, additional contact objects (i.e. a second mobile) requires a second user.

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Global Hosted PBX Solutions including Malaysia

Pay-as-You-Go Malaysia Hosted PBX

MyPBX sells Malaysia hosted PBX call plans with competitively low inbound, outbound and call forwarding rates. Subscribers pay by number for this option, meaning that extra users, extensions and contact options cost nothing additional.

Virtual numbers work on a prepaid basis and include incoming calls to VoIP devices and Google Talk. Other devices incur forwarding fees. Our Malaysia hosted PBX packages charge only for the minutes used: we operate by 60-second increments for precise billing.

Malaysia Hosted PBX Area Codes and Cities

City Prefix Learn More
Kuala Lumpur 60-3

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