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Hosted PBX Call Solutions

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MyPBX delivers more ways to save on inbound and outbound calling. Check out our virtual phone number and unlimited hosted PBX phone solutions. Did we mention that these packages are available in more than 50 other countries?

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Hosted PBX Call Solutions
Hosted PBX Solutions in Malaysia

Malaysia Hosted PBX Phone Solutions

Hosted PBX Call Packages in Malaysia as Low as $5/month

Migrate to Malaysia’s most robust hosted PBX solution, PBXww. Reduce your monthly telephony fees, consolidate phone extensions, incorporate a greater range of devices and enable features unavailable through traditional carriers. Accomplish all of this and more with MyPBX’s Malaysia hosted PBX phone solutions.

{&country_name%} Hosted PBX  Unlimited Global Calling Package

$29/month per user*

  • Unlimited outbound calling and forwarding to over 70 countries
  • Unlimited inbound calling to configured local virtual number
  • Ample features included through PBXww
  • Flexible contact objects, including one landline, mobile and VoIP device per user

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{&country_name%} Hosted PBX  Unlimited USA Canada Package

$19/month per user*

  • Unlimited outbound calling and forwarding to numbers located within the USA and Canada
  • Unlimited inbound calling to your Malaysia local number
  • Myriad features in the PBXww phone solution
  • Numerous contact options for each user, including mobile, landline and SIP devices

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{&country_name%} Hosted PBX  Flexible Pay-as-You-Go Plan

$0/month per user

  • Limitless users, call objects and extensions
  • Low outbound and forwarding rates to mobile and landline devices
  • Full feature set available through the complementary PBXww interface
  • Automatic top-up payment plans (optional)

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Available Area Codes in Malaysia

All packages above have a few commonalities. For instance, free access to the robust PBXww platform. More importantly, we advertise all packages include no contracts and no hidden fees. By liberating our services from such fine print, we bolster hosted PBX's main incentives: minimal overhead expenses, scalability and accessibility. Browse the cities below to learn more.

Prefix City Learn More
60-3 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Hosted PBX

More Information on Malaysia Hosted PBX Call Packages

Unlimited Calling and Forwarding

MyPBX offers unlimited calling and forwarding packages to over 70 countries. Place and receive calls anywhere in the world from an IP phone, smartphone or landline at no extra cost. Better yet, enable SMS notifications to stay up-to-date on your hosted PBX system's call activity. When setting up PBXww call maps, freely configure extensions for call menus and internal dialing. Each call object, extension and user includes free inbound calling.

Note! Toll-free numbers cost $49 for both the Unlimited Global and USA Canada packages.

Restriction! Unlimited packages may not be used for the following purposes: telemarketing (call centers), auto-dialing and/or SIP trunk services. Users who do not adhere to this rule will likely lose service within the first week.

Low Rates per Minute

If you would prefer the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go hosted PBX solution, take advantage of our competitively low inbound, outbound and call forwarding rates. MyPBX offers expansive global coverage—more than 200 countries worldwide, available anytime and from anywhere.

We promise to provide a reliable service free from surprise costs. Our packages charge for only the minutes used, so you can calculate payments month-to-month to the cent. In fact, we operate by 60-second increments for precise billing. Note that virtual numbers work on a prepaid basis and include incoming calls to VoIP devices and Google Talk. However, forwarding to mobile and landline devices incurs additional per minute fees. Similarly, toll-free numbers are subject to special incoming and forwarding fees.

Multiple Contact Objects

For unlimited hosted PBX solutions, each user comes with four contact methods: mobile (with app), landline, VoIP and Google Talk. Users may arrange these call objects into as many extensions as needed, but confugring additional contact objects requires the purchase of a second user.

For pay-as-you-go plans, users pay for the virtual number, meaning extra users, extensions and contact options do not cost additionally. With that said, forwarding charges apply for mobile and line call devices, plus more users may result in more minutes spent. Still, pay-as-you-go hosted PBX phone solutions offer flexible, affordable options for multi-user accounts with low outbound activity. 

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